What we Offer

ADXP offers unique career opportunities for both young professionals, who are eager to become part of our successful and continuously growing community as well as experienced consultants that can add unique value to our clients. We encourage and seek for enthusiastic and skillful individuals who will enrich our team with a diverse set of talents and expertise from the region to maximize the business benefits for our clients. We also focus on acquiring individuals with strong analytical skills, and the ability to provide unbiased professional advice using the best applicable practices and current business trends.

In return, we offer our team members the flexibility to determine their career paths. ADXP prides itself for being an employee friendly environment that encourages the professional and personal development of every team member. We don’t only offer unique opportunities to learn, but we also support participation in social work and contribution to non-profit organizations that share our values and vision. We believe that people are at the core of every successful business. Therefore, we focus on investing in our team and building strong basis for long-term employment


Advantages of working with us

  • Exposure to highly challenging and unique assignments
  • Exposure to impactful strategic projects
  • Diverse and accelerated career paths
  • Exceptional development and reward schemes
  • Entrepreneurial work environment.

Profiles we look for

  • Highly self-motivated individuals, and have strong sense of autonomy at work
  • Possess strong analytical skills
  • Exceptional people skills
  • Able to demonstrate leadership towards change
  • Able to bring value through hard work and motivation
  • Able to develop and maintain long lasting client relationships

Working Culture

We enjoy what we do and are passionate about the value we add to our clients. We are serious about service delivery, but are also fun and make sure that tough assignment are filled with valuable experiences and good memories between our team and with our clients.



We focus on adding value to our client, even if this means going out of our ways to deliver. An engagement is only considered successful if there was substantial value added to our client



We understand the value of time and the speed in which the market is moving. As such we emphasize agile and prompt delivery of opportunities to add value to our clients and seize opportunities effectively



We leverage our core strengths as individuals to compliment each others capabilities. We work in teams and we break all communication and political barriers between each other, including with senior management and partners



We have the necessary confidence in our ability to deliver, regardless the complexity of the task in hand or the client engagement. We have strong expert judgment, reliable co-workers, strong partnership networks, and a solid knowledge base that enables us to always say “Yes We Can”

Career development

Career development

ADXP provides a progressive career development path. Consultants that join our team with exceptional skills and proven track record of accomplishments are rewarded accordingly, and promoted within a relatively short period of time. We annually evaluate the performance of our consultants, and reward those who are capable of driving the most value for our clients by granting them greater responsibilities and promoting them to senior positions. The section below illustrates how your role could evolve en route to becoming a “Partner” at ADXP. We also invite you to learn more about our practices and the industries we serve.



Analysts are fresh graduates or with 1 to 3 years of experience. They support consultants in market / client analysis, developing analytical models, and developing documents and reports.



Consultants own project specific work streams and are responsible for structuring problems, analyzing client issues and proposing solutions. They interact with clients on a day to day basis to conduct surveys, interviews, and present reports and solutions



Managers supervise, coach and coordinate working group activities. They establish contact with clients and nurture relationships to build trust and value. Clients reach out to managers with a variety of issues, relying on them to seek professional advice



Principals have distinguished themselves as key players and industry specialists. They manage bigger teams and grow ADXP portfolio of clients. They identify new opportunities for developing services, win new clients and contribute ADXP service line improvement and growth



Partners are responsible for taking strategic decisions concerning ADXP, budget planning and realization of ADXP strategic and financial plans. They represent ADXP in contacts with strategic clients. They are expected to interact with the industry and add value to the market through thought leadership and unique market insights

ADXP Competency framework

Every profile should be equipped with the following competencies based on their level of seniority at ADXP

Senior Level Competency Junior Level Competency
  • Leading
    & selling

    • Generate revenue by selling consulting services
    • Establish vision, frame key issues and set high-level strategy
    • Influence key executives and stakeholders to support significant change
    • Manage internal practices and develop / coach ADXP resources
  • Managing

    • Understand strategic direction as set by the hypothesis driven approach, set milestones, scope analysis, assign resources, manage execution and report findings
    • Serve as a quality control lever
  • Recommending

    • Understand the problem at a more granular level and establish a hypothesis driven approach through which a solution can be derived
    • Effectively solve problems & write storylines
  • Analyzing

    • Conduct quantitative analyses in a defect-free manner. Possess mastery of Microsoft products (excel, PPT, etc)
    • Create impactful, concise, and defect free presentations and slides