ADXP is a management consulting firm focusing primarily on public sector smart city transformation

Our core mission is to enable governments to harness digitisation and innovation to deliver high-quality living, sustainability, and prosperity for its people and businesses, driven by tailored, practical strategies and robust governance frameworks that are relevant to their heritage and culture.

We deliver innovative solutions that solve not only the problems of today but also anticipate and address future challenges across various sectors. Our team consists of local senior subject matter experts, deeply familiar with the MENA region, who deliver culturally sensitive, authentic, and competitive strategies.

At our core, we understand the challenges faced by governments in the MENA region. The ever-changing landscape of citizen expectations, economic development, technology advancements, and operational complexities can be overwhelming. That’s why our Public Sector clients need trusted, credible, and innovative problem solvers to help transform their strategies, technologies, and operations with a deep, nuanced appreciation of the region in which they operate.

Our vision

To become a leading regionally recognised smart city consulting firm that focuses on creating a differentiating impact that addresses our regional priorities and drives our cities global competitiveness.

Our mission

We strive to innovate in localized and niche advisory and governance capabilities that are fueled by world-class expertise to help our governments accelerate regional transformation and change towards competitiveness and smarter, safer and livable cities.

Our philosophy

Everything we do is primarily driven by our clients and their expectations to maximise results. We have designed our core values around our clients’ needs.

Regional Focus

Our possess deep knowledge of MENA government strategies and agendas. This expertise is a result of both practical experience and ongoing research investments.

Value across your ecosystem

We collaborate across the smart city value chain, granting our clients access to testbeds, innovation funds, and PPP arrangements.

Understanding local culture & dynamics

Our specialised localisation frameworks enable us to select lessons, benchmarks, and trends tailored to our clients’ socio-economic dynamics.

Partnering with Clients

Our goal is to establish enduring relationships with our clients. By deeply understanding their culture, operations, and strategic challenges, we can deliver value effectively.

Why us?

Our business model prioritises the success of our clients. We focus all our efforts on maximising value.

At ADXP, we are committed to tailoring consulting services to meet our clients’ needs and drive their success through our diverse subject matter expertise. With a deep understanding of local culture and dynamics, we prioritise:

Senior Domain Experts

We build senior weighted teams that bring depth of experience and capability to all our client projects, ensuring faster delivery with a higher quality output.

Understanding of Government Mandates

We are well versed in MENA government strategies, mandates and operating environments. This is as a result of our working experience our focused research.

Proven Value Accelerators

Having extensive experience in public sector transformation has enabled us to define a series of accelerators to fast-track transformation and guarantee impact for our clients.

Digital Consulting Portal

We provide our clients access to best practices and assessment tools to help them understand their current maturity and guide them to gradually improve their capabilities.

Data Driven Insights

Our consultants are supported by an extensive team of data engineers and data scientists that develop data driven insights to help fuel innovation and solution design.

Citizens and Trends Research

Our commitment to solving pressing socio-economic problems and our intellectual curiosity led us to invest in analyzing citizens needs and trends as key inputs into our strategy formation approach.

Cultural Nuance

We have specialized localization frameworks that help us hand pick lessons learned, benchmarks and trends that suit our clients socio-economic dynamins

Facts and Figure

At ADXP, our rapid growth within the market is attributable to our dedication, client satisfaction, and the market reputation built on trust and delivering value.


Year on Year growth


Successful projects delivered


Locations Worldwide


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Our People


Abdullah Haidar

Director, Arts and Culture

Andrea Melara

Director, Customer Experience

Dr. Amanat Hussain

Partner, Public Safety and Security

Radwa Metwaly

Manager, Corporate Affairs

Mai Elsaadany

Manager, Human Capital

Nouman Ismail

Partner, Advisory Services

Omar Gharaibeh

Partner, Assurance Services

Ahmed Al Raqbani


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