About ADXP

ADXP is a management consulting firm that focuses on providing tailored and impactful strategy, governance and digital services with a niche focus on the public sector. Through its core practices, ADXP provides intelligent and efficient consultation services that assist organizations in improving their business models and services


Our mission is to help our clients achieve sustainable success, improve their performance, and develop exceptional strategic, tactical, and operational capabilities


Our vision is to become a leading, globally recognized management consulting firm that focuses on having a real impact on our economies and on attracting and nurturing exceptional our talent

Our Philosophy

Everything we do is primarily driven by our aim to maximize results for our clients. We have designed our core values around our clients expectations

Achieving Results

At ADXP, we understand the importance of putting strategies into effect, and that is why we focus on engineering benefits throughout our engagements and taking pragmatic approaches towards change by recommending initiatives that gradually and consistently support our clients achieve their vision

Developing Trust

At ADXP, we emphasize on gaining the trust of our clients through our successful track record, our well-rounded skilled consultants, and our results. We believe that building trust is the cornerstone for establishing the necessary partnerships that will empower us to provide innovative solutions and address our client’s challenges effectively

Exchanging Knowledge

 At ADXP, We understand the importance of working together with our clients as a team to address their needs and challenges. We also understand that in order to sustain outstanding performances, our clients require assistance in developing their internal capabilities. That is why we at ADXP emphasize on sharing and transferring our knowledge and techniques throughout our engagements to empower our clients to maintain innovation and growth

Partnering with Clients

At ADXP, we focus on establishing long lasting relationships with our clients to fully understand their working culture, operations, and strategic challenges. Such understanding empowers us to add the expected value for our clients as partners to localize our services effectively

Our Values

ADXP focuses on tailoring consulting services to address our client needs and help them excel by deploying our diverse subject matter expertise. We have a deep understanding of the local culture and dynamics

Consulting Craftsmanship

Consulting Craftsmanship

Diverse & International Team

Diverse & International Team

Understanding Local Culture & Dynamics

Understanding Local Culture & Dynamics

What makes us unique

At ADXP, our clients’ success is what drives our business model. All aspects of what we do is centered around ensuring that our engagements maximize value for our clients
This translates into every aspects of the way we work. Our relationship management, the way we attract and reward talent, the way we govern our operations and the way we deliver our engagements

Facts and figures

We have been growing rapidly at a pace that is faster than the market. This was only possible through our dedication, our client satisfaction and our market reputation that is based on trust building and value delivery


Year on year growth


Successful projects delivered


Offices worldwide


Years delivering value

Our Clients

We have been working with key clients in the region and has been focusing on adding value to public sector entities. Below is a sample of our client base