Public Sector

The world is constantly and rapidly changing; demographics are shifting, global warming is increasing, and technologies are frequently getting outdated as new ones emerge. Policymakers need to cope and operate under many long-term trends that are remolding the 21st century governments. They also need to improve services and enhance infrastructures, despite the continuous pressure on capital expenditures, and the slow economic growth. ADXP understands that governments across the Middle East are challenged with set of multifaceted issues, which impact their ability to deliver effective and responsive services.

Our consultants are thoroughly acquainted with the regulatory and economic conditions of the region, and have successfully completed a wide range of innovative solutions for a number of the leading regional governments. When we take on a governmental assignment, our main goal is to always contribute to the advancement of the government priorities through our independent, objective and proven ability to enhance the public sector performance. We assist governments in facing the constant challenges of the changing world by:

  • Define and refine strategic plans
  • Transform into smart cities and smart governments
  • Establish end-to-end business intelligence and analytical capabilities including Big data, Predictive Analytics, and Open Data
  • Stimulate economic growth through public-private partnerships and fostering innovation
  • Improve people happiness through customer insights and experience improvements
  • Optimize investments through sound project portfolio management initiatives

Transportation & Logistics

Transportation and logistics companies strive to stand out and lead in one of the most demanding industries. Between the overbooked schedules and the fluctuating fuel prices, these companies are faced with an array of challenges on strategic, tactical, operational and real-time levels that demand instant and decisive action. Below are some of the key questions that transportation and logistics companies need to find answers for:

  • How to develop and support a centralized and standardized planning process
  • How to incorporate demand forecast in planning. How to best optimize and utilize fleets
  • How to improve utilization of employees to improve service offering and maximize profitability
  • How to reduce travel time and increase overall organization flexibility to meet service requirements

Whether your company operates in air, land, sea or a mix of any, our team of transportation and logistics experts at ADXP will help you in assessing the current challenges your business is facing, and equip you with the best tailored tools and capabilities to achieve operational excellence and continue growing amidst competition. Our consultants and partners can bring forth a wealth of international and regional experience to assist you overcome your key challenges and help you optimize your supply chain costs



Technology is a prominent, complex and rapidly evolving industry. Its executives, whether running software, hardware or technology service businesses, are always focused on achieving operational excellence but know they must remain agile and adaptable to meet growing customer demands.Technology businesses face overwhelming and often conflicting challenges.

On one hand, competition is growing and new markets continue to emerge, which is mainly driven by the shifting IT architecture, development of mproved computing and communication platforms, technical innovation, and innovative business models, to name a few. On the other hand, despite the fact that technology is constantly changing, the themes are perpetual. Meaning, the new technologies mainly complement or enhance the old ones rather than replace them, which further complicates the technology landscape. In today’s technology environment, some of the challenging questions that technology companies need to answer are:

  • How to position Big data in non-mature markets
  • How to maximize market share and develop go-to-market strategies
  • How to take a value-driven approach as opposed to a traditional sales approach

Our ADXP industry-focused experts and specialized advisors have the deep and detailed knowledge of the sector, and technical experience to help you understand the market you are operating in, and enable you to robustly compete and grow in an industry where innovation is perceived as an opportunity and a threat


Financial Services

Financial institutions in the Middle East, from banking and insurance to wealth management and securities distribution, are striving to turn the industry challenges into opportunities for growth. However, the financial sector will only be able to overcome the inherited limitations of the industry’s past and the current and future expansion challenges by building enhanced business models.

In ADXP, we support financial services institutions in the Middle East, through our deep experience in the industry, to come up with innovative solutions to overcome market challenges and seize the opportunities to achieve their business potential. The ADXP team has extensive experience in financial services, and constantly tailors the service offering to the specific needs of the financial services client by looking beyond the industry and building upon our capabilities experience. Our goal is to support and guide you in solving a range of challenges, or pursue opportunities in these areas:

  • Optimizing business processes to improve performance and achieve operational excellence.
  • Reducing back office costs to increase profitability.
  • Improving risk management processes to deliver more sustainable returns.
  • Aligning IT operations with business objectives to achieve higher ROI on IT investments.
  • Obtaining in-depth insights about customers’ behavior and loyalty to strengthen customer relationships.
  • Establishing program management capabilities to effectively execute expansion portfolios
  • Managing the quality of critical projects implementations in key areas such as Treasury, Retail, and Corporate Banking

Energy & Utilities

Energy and utilities sectors have increasingly shifted over the past decade posing new challenges and risks. With the increasing global demand to utilize alternative and more sustainable energy, utility companies need to be positioned to address market needs and demands.

To maintain their competitive edge over the next decade, utilities will require major investments in their technology, and focus their efforts on renewing and expanding their plants’ generation capacity, improving operational efficiency, and communicating better with their customers to incentivize increase their loyalty. Their business decisions should take several facts and challenges into considerations such as increase in competition, emergence of smart technologies, stricter CO2 emission regulations, and process efficiency.

ADXP energy consultants will work hand in hand with all levels in your utility company to exploit the underlying opportunities in the industry’s challenges to realize your full potential, help you make better investment decisions and maximize your business value. Our consultants will also identify any dependable, economically viable, low-risk investment opportunities in your business, and the best cost optimization methods for your core business functions.

Use Cases to fuel your Smart City Transformation Agenda

In order to support our clients with accelerating their digital agendas, ADXP has been building a knowledge base for disruptive technologies’ use cases through our experiences and industry trends. Use cases provide our clients better clarity about the return on investment of different technologies, their applicability to their specific industries and a means to quickly ramp-up implementation and adoption. You can access our use cases registry through our digital consulting portal