Serving your digital transformation agenda

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Translating your digital agenda and vision into reality

We deliver services that ensure translating our clients vision into actionable initiatives. We support our clients starting from strategic planning, down to governance and finally delivery and change enablement. This way we ensure that our clients achieve their envisaged objectives effectively.

  • Strategic Orientation to drive the transformation agenda
  • Oversight & Governance to ensure effective management oversight
  • Delivery & Change Enablement to ensure that capabilities are delivered as promised

What Makes Us Unique

We differentiate ourselves from competition by focusing on critical key aspects that we believe sets us apart. We apply four key levers to ensuring that we constantly add value to our clients in a unique way:


We are different in the way we approach our engagements

We apply constant guiding principles throughout our engagements to ensure that we deliver the necessary value for our clients


We are different in our experience in the region

ADXP focuses on tailoring consulting services to address our client needs and help them excel by deploying our diverse subject matter expertise. We have a deep understanding of the local culture and dynamics.

Consulting Craftsmanship
Diverse & International team
Understanding Local Culture & Dynamics

We are different in our positioning

We deliver high quality engagements with an optimized engagement model to decrease client commitment and maximize our engagements return on investment.