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In the dynamic landscape of urban transformation, ADXP plays a pivotal role in supporting smart cities initiatives, high-tech telecommunications, and media companies. Our strategic guidance encompasses navigating changing market forces, expanding core business operations, enhancing efficiency, seizing new opportunities, and establishing innovation ecosystems.


Smart cities represent the convergence of innovation and sustainability, leveraging advanced technologies to enhance the quality of life for residents, optimise resource utilisation, and foster economic growth. At the heart of smart cities lies connectivity – the seamless integration of data, devices, and infrastructure. Through the Internet of Things (IoT), sensors, and intelligent networks, cities can gather real-time data to improve decision-making, and create more responsive urban environments. Technology empowers citizens to actively participate in shaping their communities.


ADXP is committed to driving the evolution of smart cities through transformative technology solutions. With expertise in urban planning, digital infrastructure, and data analytics, we empower cities to embrace the future and embrace their full potential as vibrant, sustainable, and inclusive urban centres, creating the cities of tomorrow.


Industry Services

Smart City Strategy and Architecture Consulting

Smart City Office Design, Governance and Activation

Smart City Use Cases and Platforms Design

IoC Operating Models Design and Activation

Data and AI Offices Design and Activation

Data and AI Strategy Consulting

Smart City Portfolio Design, Governance and Activation

Client Results

We have been successfully delivering value to clients across the region in smart cities, telecommunications and technology sectors. Read through our client results for more insights about our impact.

Analytics | Artificial Intelligence | Case Study | Cognitive | Data | Digital Transformation | Municipality | Public Sector | Smart City | Smart City Platform | Smarter | Strategy

Strategically Driven Cognitive City Use Cases and Innovation

April 22, 2024
Case Study | Digital Transformation | Economic Competitiveness | Innovation | Municipality | Public Sector | Quality Of Life | Smart City | Smarter | Strategy

Transforming A Major Retional Capital Into A Smart City

April 20, 2024
Case Study | Digital Transformation | Governance | Project Portfolio Management | Public Sector | Smart City | Smarter

Designing And Orchestrating Digital City Portfolio

April 22, 2024

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