Celebrating Diversity and Creativity


In today’s society, arts and culture play a pivotal role in shaping our identities, fostering connections, and enriching our lives. From visual arts and performing arts to literature, music, and beyond, the realm of culture offers a scope of expressions that reflect the beauty and complexity of human experiences.


At ADXP, we recognise the transformative power of arts and culture in shaping vibrant communities and nurturing creativity. With our expertise in creative and culture sector (CCI) transformation, we empower cities to harness the full potential of arts and culture to build livable cities.


Industry Services

Design Sector Strategy Consulting

Digital Arts and NFT Strategy Consulting

CCI Sector Programme Management Consulting

CCI Sector Strategy Consulting

CCI Sector Performance Management Consulting

Client Results

We have been successfully delivering value to clients across the region in the arts and culture sector. Read through our client results for more insights about our impact.

Arts And Culture | Case Study | Design Sector | Economic Competitiveness | Liveable | Public Sector | Strategy

Enhancing Design Sector Competitiveness

April 20, 2024
Arts And Culture | Case Study | Design Sector | Digital Transformation | Innovation | Liveable | NFT | Public Sector | Strategy

Enabling Digital Art Forms And NFT Regulation

April 20, 2024
Case Study | Expert Augmentation | Liveable | Performance Management | Project Portfolio Management | Public Sector | Strategy | Strategy Office

Strategy Management Office Activation

April 22, 2024

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