Driving sustainable change


ADXP collaborates closely with regional energy and utility players, addressing key topics such as PPP agreements, smart metering, utility governance, revenue assurance analytics, and other strategic initiatives.


At the forefront of energy innovation, utilities are evolving to be more sustainable and efficient. In today’s changing world, energy and utilities are crucial for our future, with a growing emphasis on clean energy, implementing smarter grids, and environmental management.


Utilities are embracing clean energy sources like solar, wind, and waterpower, moving towards a future with cleaner energy and reduced pollution. Additionally, advancements in technology are making energy grids smarter and more reliable, facilitating the integration of energy from renewable sources like solar panels.


ADXP plays a pivotal role in leading this transition, guiding energy and utility companies towards a greener future. With our expertise in clean energy utilisation, grid optimisation, and community engagement, we assist in these transformative changes. Together, we’re advancing towards a future with cleaner, more efficient energy solutions that benefit everyone.


Industry Services

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Utilities Revenue Assurance Consulting

Advanced Analytics Design and Implementation

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